Our Activities

The following are activities that the Society is currently involved in. Each of them relate to the Society's Strategic Plan. Members are welcome to find out more about any of these activities by contacting the committee.

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Special issue by BioMarine International: Australia, an ocean of blue opportunities

The special issue about our most recent partnership that was established between BioMarine and the Australia New Zealand Marine Biotechnology Society, headed by Prof. Wei Zhang (Director of the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development at Flinders University), who brings us all about their achievements and collaboration opportunities especially available for partnering with the BioMarine Community.

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Marine Bio-Products and Biotechnology CRC (MBB-CRC)

The Cooperative Research Centre for Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology (MBB-CRC) is an initiative to strategically grow and position the Australian Blue Bio-economy in the global market through driving the translation and commercialisation of R&D in advanced manufacturing of marine bio-products and biotechnology, to meet local and export demands of Australian products.

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Marine Biotechnology subcommittee to Australia's National Marine Science committee

The marine biotechnology subcommittee to Australia's National Marine Science Committee(NMSC) had their first meeting in July, 2018. The subcommittee will update the NMSC every 3 months on activities in the marine biotechnology sector in Australia. Any queries about the subcommittee please contact us.