Membership categories

Professional includes academic, research and industry members, current or retired

Student includes those who are currently studying full time

Associate includes non-voting members who wish to support the society

Corporate includes up to 6 individual members

Note: Please download the membership form to your computer before completing. Depending on the setup of the browser you use, it may Open in a separate window which you can Save or allow you to Save it directly on your computer. Open the saved membership form and it can then be completed electronically in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. After completion, click the “Submit Form” button (top right) and follow the prompts to email the form to or save the file and send it as an attachment.

Individual Membership Form

Corporate Membership Form

Members in the above categories who do not live and work in Australia or New Zealand are non-voting members

International members (not Australia or New Zealand), please do not transfer money to bank account but contact us on